High-quality products


Suiker Unie focuses on a strong market position in North West Europe at the lowest possible cost price for sugar. We try to achieve this by giving attention to the entire production chain: from sugar beet growing to the package of sugar on the shelf in the supermarket. This is our mission.

Sustainability is an important pillar of that mission. It plays a part in everything we do and is closely intertwined with the strategy of Suiker Unie. That is why we initiated the Plant and Planet sustainability programme.

Suiker Unie delivers top-grade products of consistent quality. We strictly comply with the delivery arrangements. We cooperate with our sugar beet growers, customers and suppliers in many ways. Suiker Unie is their natural partner.

Sugar is a healthy part of a varied diet, however over consumption of sugars is not good.

This is true of all foods, not just sugar. We have to tackle overweight and obesity together. Every calorie counts, whether it comes from sugar or otherwise. Many products are available that have few if any calories.

Consumers make their own decisions but food labels must provide the right information on nutritional value, quantity of sugar and calories